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Fire Red Shrimp

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Wow, another long delayed post.  Running pretty low on ideas since the last few updates I posted up though. Sad.

Anyway, recently I’ve ventured into rearing these little shrimps as a hobby. If I do succeed to form a colony of these, I shall post up my recipe on it. haha!


MightyText Desktop Notifier – Mac OS X

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I’m sure that you have heard of the MightyText app for the Android platform. If you have not, this app allows you to gain access to your phone’s text messages, allowing you to send and receive messages from any browser as long as your phone is connected to the internet. It also allows you to access your phone contacts allowing you to check on the contact numbers. Anyway, now they have came out with a preview release of a desktop application for the Mac OS X platform. I’ve received an early preview release of the app and I gave it a try.

The idea behind it was a great one, without having to launch the website to gain access to the text messages was always something that I’d wanted.


Unfortunately, at this moment of time the app does not support the retina display and text looked rather fuzzy. I’m not sure if they have plans to get em’ optimized for retina screens though.

Messages would appear from the top right corner of the desktop allowing you to reply to the message instantly. There are 3 additional buttons which allows you to place a phone call on your phone or open it on a browser or simply close the notifications. I had no problems with this however there were several times  which I did not receive a pop up notification on my desktop. Guess they could brush up a little on this.


The app relies on the Adobe Air platform to run on. Not sure if this would affect the performance but what I’d notice is that the app was simply taking up too much system resources. From an idle point of view, it was hogging a 1.5~1.8% of my CPU and it was simply doing nothing. It clogged up a whopping 56MB of my RAM as well.


Overall, this is a great tool for one to access their text messages without having the need to physically interact with their phone. Great idea, but rather poorly implemented at the moment. I know this is just a preview release, but it surely does look promising. Hope they would continue to build on this and I’ll be a happy guy =)