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Mei Xin’s Birthday

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Urm, so yeah, it was Mei Xin’s birthday last Friday.. so let’s make this colorful.

1. We had Dragon-i.

2. Went over to Snowflakes with the intention of eating there but ended up tapau-ing.

3. Blew candles. Smashed face with cake not too long after. Raged war. Havoc.

4. Baliks =)

Evidence below. Sila klikklikklik untuk gambar yang lebih besar =)

Happy birthday!  =D

the photos taken were mostly overexposed though due to the photographer’s lack of experience in flash photography.

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  1. sl

    Cake looks stunning!!!..except for one brown squeezy shaped thing with a tail-end feature. LoL

  2. youliang

    sie khai :


    ur blog..

    update to v2.9.2 is it..
    lightbox tak ada :cry:

    my blog was already running 2.92 a long long long time ago and I’ve removed lightbox an even longer time ago already….

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