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Tour to P1 Wimax Office

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As the title says, I went to the P1 Wimax Headquarters last Tuesday with Reng Kwan and his friend, Emily. She wanted to terminate her P1 Wimax Wiggy Subscription after 5 days due to unsatisfactory service from P1.
Full refund, of course.

I tagged along just because I wanted to have a peek at the P1 office. Heard from people that it looked quite nice and since there’s a free trip , why not? haha. Snapped a few photos there too with my SEk550i. Blur photos indeed.


As you can see,  P1 displays their products and most of them are actually running units. That means the device is switched on and not just for display.


Shiny floor..

The office was okok lah. The only thing I found nice there was the free beverage dispensing machine provided and you can have Milo, coffee, mocha, hot water, cold water, etc.
Yup it was FREE.
I drank 2 cups of Milo and mocha. Haha. That would be equal to RM0.90 x 4 if its compared to the Sunway’s machine which is 2x more dilute than the one provided here.

Ok next, let’s check out how well does the Wiggy perform right at its own base.


Phailed! I did a ping test to my own site and the pings were unstable and had many packet loss.. Pings ranged from 80ms to 300ms.. It wasn’t good. However after 5mins of testing, it became more stable and no more packet loss. Perhaps there was an interference at that moment? Anyway wireless=no no. Wired= yes yes.

I also managed to do a speed test with the line. The 10mbps rated Wiggy was only running at 4mbps max.

Youtube lagged when HD streaming was enabled.

Conclusion. I’m disappointed with Wiggy.

It was nice of them to provide a Dell Studo 17″ for us to mess with though and yes, the free drinks! Could never be happier when I get to save on some drinks =)

The tour lasted almost 1 hour and I was back at Monash then.

An Information Technology graduate who blogs about simply anything which he stumbles upon daily.

  1. DeVaL!aN

    wooo.. p1 wimax… but phailed.. high floor level couldnt get signal..argh!!

  2. sie khai

    wiggy!! hahah!! celcom bb also nt stable and faster than wimax

  3. kenwooi

    lol.. fail? i never tried broadband outside before also…even my hostel ISP sucks la… haha.. the say face funny.. lol.. and the office… simple only la.. =)

  4. youliang

    kenwooi :

    lol.. fail? i never tried broadband outside before also…even my hostel ISP sucks la… haha.. the say face funny.. lol.. and the office… simple only la.. =)

    hahaha hostel ISP always suck. Everybody is “fully utilising” it..haha..
    yeh simple.

  5. Azanio

    I have subscribed to the service last weekends 17 Oct 09. They are having a promo at The Curve Mutiara Damansara. I had to fork out RM 100 for deposit!. I thought it was Free ( 24 months contract), of course I did not bring along my TM Streamyx telephone bill. I guess i should since the promo “SUDAH POTONG” waive RM 100. Anyway brought the unit (with wifi dongle) and tested at home. Could not get the http://www.speedtest.net/index.php their own bandwidth metet to test working!!. message error download test file !..what a XD$W@@*..but did test with speedtest.net and choose KL server..and got the speed ranging from 160-688Kbps download / 160-290 Kbps upload and the latency just crap …174 – 300 ms to reach a local server hosted by VDSL Network.!!. But today brought the unit to the office in PJ (about 2 km from P1 office HQ) and got 2258-407 Kbps down/up respectively but the latency to the internet e.g. yahoo.com is tooo slow..

    Anyway, I am testing the service now and MUST decide within 7 days to return. The 7 days return back i got it when I call the Hotline P1 number!!, they said it is not 30 days as the reseller at The Curve told me!!!..

    I am reluctant to use this I guess..further more the 20GB cap on the total bandwidth usage for a month!!…

    -Disappointed P1 WiMax subscriber…

    Pinging www-real.wa1.b.yahoo.com [] with 32 bytes of data:
    Reply from bytes=32 time=452ms TTL=52
    Reply from bytes=32 time=462ms TTL=52
    Reply from bytes=32 time=347ms TTL=52
    Reply from bytes=32 time=411ms TTL=52

    Ping statistics for
    Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
    Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
    Minimum = 347ms, Maximum = 462ms, Average = 418ms

  6. youliang

    sorry to hear your case. But I rarely find p1wimx users around too. rather stick to wired broadband. lower latency and no bandwith capping

  7. Azanio

    Hi Youliang, I am sure you will find more and more P1WiMax users posting their grievances on the forums. I will return and get back my money from P1 before weekends. Hopefully Telekom HSBB (High Speed Broadband)will “emerge” as I saw the TM’s contractors were pulling fiber optic for this project infront my home!. But do not know when this will come and how much I/we will pay…

  8. youliang

    haha yeah but well not all cases of p1 wimax are bad. There are some customers who are getting what they paid for =) .
    yeah, the hsbb thing, lets see how “good” service would TM give us. If its still the same international backbone connection, it will still be terrible. Fast local connection but congested international line.

  9. chrissyong

    the p1 wmax got 7 days return service?im just sign up for 24 month contracts,can i stop the contracts?becoz always dc and unstable line,can i go hq cancel my contracts?

  10. youliang

    wow 24 months.. thats a really long contract. Yup if they did not change the agreement, within 7 days you can request for a full refund. Just go over to the HQ and settle it there

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